You Know You Wanna Sing!

...learn in a fun, relaxed environment


Maggie Vaughan – Voice Teacher Redondo Beach

At our voice lesson studio, located in Redondo Beach, we welcome adults and children ages 8 and up – beginners and professionals – to learn, study and refine the techniques of singing in a fun, relaxed environment.

We teach pop music, country music, musical theater, jazz, and even opera. And we spend time doing exercises to improve vocal range, breath control, ear training, tone production, performance and more. We not only give voice lessons to singers, but also those who want to enhance their speaking voices and public speaking skills.


Individual voice lessons are tailored to your singing goals. Most students exceed their expectations, have great fun, and are pleasantly surprised by their ability.


We have recitals and other special events in the South Bay that let you show off what you’ve learned, and give you the opportunity to meet other students.


``Works in Progress`` Recital Clips

Our recitals include rehearsals, professional accompanist, and professional equipment and sound team – real performance experience.  below are a few clips.